Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[Indy Car] The series comes to a close with at least one new super star

This year in Indy (Izod Indy Car Series) has shown us more excitement then many in memory. Last year we got to see and exciting title race between three drivers with a great finally but no one was surprised who the fight was between. This year Will has thrown a wild sucker punch into the world of racing dominating the the start of the season and the majority of the road and street courses this year. After his performance last year it probably didn't come as a huge shock but many drivers have had less severe accidents and lost that edge. We all saw his skill last year but not only did he not lose that edge but he returned with vengeance. This Sunday will be an interesting show on wether or not the new super star of this season can over come his continued frustration on the ovals. Last week was a personal best of third but even that wont be enough if Dario wins.

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