Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[F1] Singapore GP and Ferrari

I would like to take a minuet to talk about Fernando Alonso and the "grand slam" of racing he performed. From lights to flag he ran, never going faster then he had to and even at the end when Vettel turned up the heat so did he. This was Alonso's day again and truly the new man in red that was subject to so many question marks after Ferrari fell off the pace after Bahrain has show what the prancing pony has to offer at the end of the season. If you had told me Ferrari would come back with a vengeance at the end of the season I would have to laugh and asked you "how?" but Alonso has done just that. The new man in red has set the stakes that he is truly a force to be reckoned with and to NEVER count him out, but what about the other man in red?

Felipe Massa did not have the same great day that Alonso did but a little bit of safety car luck paid off his way. An early gamble paid for for Masa in what is considered a difficult track to pass on (unless your name in Robert Kubica) after changing tiers after the mandatory two laps he had to spend on his first set. It was a super smart gamble considering he wouldn't lose much because he would very quickly catch the back of the field and the time that he lost and with the safety car coming out he gained a lot more then just a 22 second delta time (time to pit in and pit out lost in the pits compared to track) and gained a lot of positions under caution. He finished 8th with a new engine that he can hopefully use for another race, although there is some question on to whether or not being held up in traffic damaged that new engine. All and all Masa has done a decent job this season but not great with the exception of Hockenheimringin and the season opener of Bahrain. With Masa's over all sub par performance as far as the prancing pony goes it makes me wonder if they are going to pull a Kimi(have you sit out a whole paid season) and try and find someone else for that seat next year?

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